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    Barry Gallagher


    My name is Barry Gallagher.
    I am part of a student team looking for a c++ programmer to be part of a team for the student Dare to be digital games competition [http://www.daretobedigital.com]. Applicant teams who get through the first round of the competition get to go to Abertay, Scotland and meet several industry veterans while making their game. Typically students who have left college for a year or two are still eligible.

    The details of our Game and Team are forthcoming.

    Nano Games

    College Course:
    Cghnd, Bcfe, Dublin

    G-Rush, essentially an extreme sports game based around base jumping and skydiving. Production is in the early stages.

    Game Engine:
    We are using the ever popular Torque game engine from http://www.garagegames.com but intend switching content to Torque Shader engine in the latter stages if practical. Tge is a highly modified version of the engine used to make tribes and tribes 2. It was chosen for its large terrain creation and view distance which we think would suit a sky diving/ base-jumping game. The engine has a scripting language for minor changes called torquescript, but any major changes are done using the c++ sourcecode which is all accessible and compilable using visual studio express. It’s a very tried and tested engine.


    So if you know c++ and think this sounds interesting, drop me a line at

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    G-Rush, essentially an extreme sports game based around base jumping and skydiving.[/quote:b627c23574]

    Hey barry, I am not a coder but your game sounds ace!

    Good luck getting the peeps you need and making the game :)

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    gizmo might have some ideas about folks in DCU. We have people form the other colleges too on the boards although not sure about Carlow am I presume they have some handy coders too. Might be worth contacting them directly.

    Have you heard when the entry dates are? We have heard nothing here..



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    Applicant teams who get through the first round of the competition get to go to England and meet several industry veterans while making their game.[/quote:09fc3418f0]

    I think you mean Scotland…unless its changed…

    My one bit of advice is to have concept art ready for the Irish Heat…this was something that really hampered our team last year.

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    Barry Gallagher

    ..eek..your right.. my bad.. [edited]

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    If you want any advice Barry, there are several past entrants and winners on the forum.

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    Indeedy, if you’d like I can post your above thread in some of the DCU and Redbrick forums and you might get some interest from there. One of the downsides is that there are feck all people in DCU that know about Dare To Be Digital, the only reason I found out about it was because of Aphra’s talk out here last year.

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    Barry Gallagher

    Thanks gizmo, that would be great..
    or you could just let me know the forum urls…
    i searched around dcu.ie for a forum already to no avail..

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    Ah you have to be registered here in DCU to access them, or more specifically have a dcu email address. Just PM me with whatever you want posted and I’ll do it today no probs…

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