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    I’ve already submitted my request, maybe if we get enough people from here to submit a request it might happen.

    Also some of the more senior or involved members could contact them as a representative of gd it might give our requests more weight.

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    Here’s the reply I got from the organisers:

    Hi Anthony,

    I just wanted to write a quick ‘Thank You’ for your submission and for taking the time to write.

    We are indeed looking to take the film overseas – either personally (which would be a dream) or digitally (which would also be quite cool). In either case, it would be great to show in Dublin, and partnering up with game developer groups would be an ideal way to do it.

    We’re probably about 2-3 months or so from really nailing down and committing to dates. But once we get the movie to a point at which we can start concentrating on firming up distribution, we’ll likely start making calls and setting up screenings. If it’s looking like an overseas trip may happen, we’d love to get in touch with your site and perhaps a University program or two and see if we could make something happen.

    Thanks agin for writing in!

    Take Care,

    James ( & Lisanne) from IGTM

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    Well done, that’s a great response and this would tie in really nicely with GD.ies current collaboration with filmbase

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    Yeah, I would say that makes a lot of sense and gives FilmBase a way to help cross over on what they/we’re doing with indie games, via the medium of film for their typical audience.

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    What would be the best venue for the film in Dublin?

    The IFI? Lighthouse? Screen cinema?

    I really don’t know much about the cinema scene in Dublin.
    Does Filmbase have strong links with IFI (they’re pretty close to eachother)?

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    I did originally think the IFI or the Lighthouse in Smithfield might do a one off film like that. If FilmBase could do it though that would be making use of an existing relationship.

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    Would possibly like to screen during Games Fleadh

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