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    Anyone got any, specifically in RTS but happy to look at any links

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    Vgchartz.com great site for sales figures

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    Vgchartz.com great site for sales figures[/quote:b2f7df8f3e]

    yeah but you have to take there figures with a touch of salt, especially for less popular titles, as they are normally under tracked. But yeah but really there is no alternative unless the publisher it self has stated how many sold (shipped?)

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    I know we had to do a business plan for one of our subjects and there really is very lil out there with regards to solid figures you can rely on.
    Thats why I suggested vgchartz as it was the one I ended up using.

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    Thanks guys, will take a look.

    this is, obviously, for a business plan. Planning to tie it into a "Funding Mission" to get some Irish companies in front of the Kleiner Perkins iPad fund and the Irish Innovation Centre in San Jose.

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    I find company annual reports are the best source for figures. Nintendo, sega, ubisoft, publish pdf copies. So my advise is to find popular rts companies and see if their report to investors are online.

    TheESA have free online annual reports for the past few years, so it may help also.


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