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    Feel the Magic: XY-XX – Why its gonna be rapid :) :

    Challenge two: Wash the girl. The girl of your affection gets dirt all over her, and, being the gentleman that you are, you must wipe her clean of the crud. By using the touch screen, you’ll wash the dirt spots off her arms and face…but don’t rub too forcefully or she’ll get irritated in more ways than one. She coos and grunts at you as you clean her off, which should get you some glances if you play this game in public.

    Challenge three: Show your lung power in this unique challenge where you must blow out a series of candles. Blow onto the system…your breath power and duration will be registered by the Nintendo DS’ microphone, and represented on the screen as you watch the candles extinguish by the wind. Don’t blow too long or your on-screen persona will get lightheaded and dizzy, wasting precious candle-blowing time.


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    Now there’s something else I’m going to have to buy :(

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