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    If you’re an open-source / free software user, OpenOffice 2.0 has just been released.

    Compared to v1, it has made some great strides and is pretty much 100% MS Word / Excel / Powerpoint compatible, so it should be able to handle all of your game design document needs.

    Here’s the link ( it’s about 75Mb )…


    Interestingly, there are Irish and Scottish Gaelic translations!


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    Cheers Mal, I use Open Office 1.0 at home and have found some formatting problems when I view stuff in Word at work.

    Hopefully this will sort em :)

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    the pdf export on its word clone is very useful indeed…

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    Thanks for the heads up, Mal.

    I’ve been using a beta version for the last few months and downloaded a new version earlier this week! Looks like I’ve got to download the stable version now.

    I still think Office is better, but free is free. So I’ll be using OO at home and Office at college. Let’s hope you’re right about files converting properly. :wink:

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    A link. Now after reading about it for the past year(s), I’ll have to download it.

    Interestingly, there are Irish and Scottish Gaelic translations![/quote:476218321c]

    Yeah, and when Office has such for Irish it’s headline news in the daily papers.

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    i started using open office a couple of weeks ago, and i like it. i prefer to use opensource app when i can. i actual have MS office xp (a REAL copy) at home but i could not be arsed looking of it after wiping the computer (and haveing to register with MS again etc)

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