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This topic contains 3 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  mal 10 years ago.

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    Hi All

    This is my first post to the forum as only joined yesterday…
    I am interested in all things game related and am glad to have found this forum.

    Anyway I have been working the past while on a director based bench test app which i hope when finised will enable users to bench their machines online and submit their results to a database. A bit like 3d mark (but not as cutting edge/nice) where a series of tests are performed and the machine given a score.

    Anyway this is basically where I am currently , its just a toy at the moment where you can turn on and off various features and see how they affect the performance(fps). at the moment it is capped at 100fps being the max it will run at.

    Its still a bit buggy and also dont worry if your machine chugs – directors 3d engine is old (only supports direct x up as far as 7).

    I would appreciate and comments/suggestions…

    some things I will add are real time shadows and an implementation of havok physics.

    speed demon beta…

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    Looks cool – average of 85fps, 30fps with AA turned on.


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    Cheers mal, was looking at your web toy yesterday and enjoyed exploring it, i didnt realise thet you could use quicktimes as a texture map or are you using a bit of imaging lingo to cheat it?

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    Cheating of course :)

    To get Shockwave 3D to do anything half decent, it needs quite a bit of persuasion, as I’m sure you know!


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