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    Greetings all
    Is there anyone interested in joining up to create a Diddy Kong Racing / Wipeout racing game? While at this stage there is no funding but is aimed to obtain funding from a publisher as well i will push to achieve some funding from other sources in the early stages to all who are interested.

    There are a bare handful of us here, programmers and artists are needed to help. The options are also open after the final team is selected to open the shares of this new company to everyone involved to the people who are serious.

    For more information regarding the project, just contact me and lets see what we can do. gamedevelopers.ie has really made a differents to the Irish game development industry in the last year and i hope more people will get togethere in moving the industry forward with home grown talent. This is why i am here and i hope this post will attract good attention to people interested enough to make game development a major part of their life :)


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