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    Max Marshall

    Capcom yet again whipping the franchise to squeeze a few more dollars out it. "Get up ya lazy Nag, we have one more platform to do!!!"

    This is something that some of the pixel artist Forums are hailing as the first tolling of the death bell of pixel art, but street fighter 2 is being remade/vamped using art developed by artists from Udon Comics

    check out THIS to have a look at what they are doing and the process of how they are soing it.

    My personal opinion is that this is a nice update to an old title from a franchise which I really love, and an interesting approach to developing thw art style of a game…

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    Been following this blog closely as I’m pretty infatuated by the Udon crew’s work.

    However, I’m more interested in the process then the end result though. Because it can’t be any better than SFIII, playability-wise…

    -The change in resolution will not have an effect on the hit detection of the game. Everything will remain as it should but there are things that inevitability get lost in the mix. Part of the test process will be with some people that know more than humanly possible about Super Turbo to ensure that every move hits exactly where it should.[/quote:135231b03f]

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    This is pretty good at showing the difference between the original and HD version ( wait a few secs for the transition to load and play ).

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    Which one is which :p

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