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    You There

    i read an article and cant believe it its so funny film companys are trying to sue pixar bacause of the quality of there films i have to admit there computer generated films are simply amazing here is the address to read the article its so funny


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    In best Dr Evil voice:
    “You DO realise that it is a joke yes?……………Ok You don’t…….riiiiiiight.”

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    This one is very interesting as well, targeting mature gamers


    It’s something I’ve been thinking about as well, with the current major demographic of young gamers playing only… hold on…

    > “You DO realise that it is a joke yes?.

    Erm… I knew they were only joking… :confused:


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    Dateline Hollywood was founded in 360 BC as “Gladiators Weekly” to cover the booming entertainment industry in the coliseums of ancient Rome. Its pioneering analysis of the statistics of lion mauls and emperor thumbs up/down made it the original publication to take the business of entertainment seriously. Its premiere edition included “The Ten Gladiators to Watch” and an analytic feature, “Deaths by Daggers Down LXVIII Percent.”

    Need anything more be said? ;)

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