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    Barry Gallagher


    My name is Barry Gallagher. I am a student of Computer Science in Kevin.st.
    I am also part of a volunteer Game Dev team made up of students, recent graduates and professionals. We are basically looking for general 3d artists for our project. We do give tuition in texturing and unwrapping to 3d max users as this seems to be a common problem for beginner/intermediate modelers.

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    Are you looking for people of any skill level?

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    Barry Gallagher

    Ideally intermediate up. But motivated beginners are definitely welcome.
    Anybody who can model to any decent extent and wants to give it a go really. We do match tasks to each persons skill level aswell. The main hindrance is new people leaving without notification actually, holds up a task. Leaving is fine, but the quick email makes all the difference.

    The main reason I offer unwrapping tuition is that it tends to be a weakpoint for a lot of intermediate modelers who for all intents and purposes can make decent models but don’t understand the concept of unwrapping.

    This isn’t a teaching program. We do have pro quality animators/character artists and we are trying to make a decent quality game. But we are asking for free workers so it would be selfish to not give back, so we help give back were we can. The experience tends to be that bit more relevant to a real game dev pipeline anyway.

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    Love the concept pic :)

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