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    Disney CEO Micheal Eisner confirms the end of 2D animation for Disney. He states for Reuters: ‘The 2-D business is coming to an end, just like black and white came to an end’!


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    No, dear god no. Excuse my language but that’s the dumbest most idiotic piece of reasoning possible. 3D and 2D animation are just too different to comapre in this repect, and even when 3D animation advances, they’ll still be a lot of stuff that just works better with 2D, there’s just so much wrong with his statement… ugh.

    Pixar would benefit from Disney’s marketing machine and that the two companies would do well to work together to make sequels of previous hits, like “Monsters, Inc.” and last year’s “Finding Nemo,” Eisner argued.[/quote:7ddf372a05]
    “Lets work together to make sequels.” True CEO reasoning. I wonder if they’ll ever realise that sequels have to be based off of something that was an original creation in the first place.

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