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    Hello there.

    I’m currently a MSc Strategic Marketing student in NUI Galway and I’m completing my thesis at the moment. The thesis is on the impact of the internet on various forms of media such as video, music and gaming. I am interviewing industry heads in video and music but I’m missing Gaming, so I’m looking hard to find someone in the gaming industry to interview for their opinions on what impact the internet has had on gaming in terms of price, distribution, format, piracy and more.

    If anyone could help me get in touch with someone that could help I’d be greatly appreciative! You can contact me at djmgpsp AT gmail DOT com or @atdavey on twitter.

    Many thanks!

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    price, distribution, format, piracy and more.

    Wow. That’s quite the can of worms you are opening there…

    Have you got some kind of questionnaire Google Doc’d, or are you looking for more of a back and forth discussion?

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    I’m looking to interview people in the industry for about 30 minutes to an hour just discussing the issues I want to investigate in my thesis. As the thesis’ area covers the UK and Ireland, I’d like to keep it as local as possible.

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    Jamie McCormick

    i can help, send me a pm with the details

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    Same. drop me a PM with your email and I’ll be in touch.

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