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    Hi folks,

    It’s been a bit quiet regarding news on the Irish front, so I thought I’d post these two snippets of game-related info.

    CanDo had worked on another Shockwave 3D game for a cartoon website promotion ( for the new Speed Racer Lives project ). It has finally gone live, you can play it here…


    As always for Shockwave 3D games, think relatively complex Flash game using 3D, rather than Playstation 9 :P

    Also, this has been in the press a bit, so it should be OK to post here.

    CanDo have recently won a contract with Forfas to create a fun Shockwave 3D game based around Nanotechnology.

    Unfortunately we can’t post any work in progress screenshots ( I’ll see if I can OK some to be posted in a few months, when more development has been carried out ), but we’re going to try pushing the boat out on what has been done to date with Shockwave, especially regarding controlling a character.

    This is the largest game related project we’ve had to date ( the movie promotional games have generally been a lot shorter timelines ), so we’re enjoying having our gamer caps back on for the forseeable future!

    That’s about all I have to share for now, I’ll keep you updated on the Forfas / Nano game.


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    had heard you guys had won the nano tech game (was consulting with the Forfas folks when the RFQs went out) – congrats, Mal

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    Nice one Mal, -Racer X is pretty cool :)

    The wack-chow-skis are rumoured to be doing a live action Speed Racer.

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