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    From Eurogamer.net:

    Game and movie fans alike can breathe a sigh of relief at the news that notorious director Uwe Boll isn’t helming the new Halo film after all.

    Rumours of Boll’s involvement began after he was billed as the Halo director on the movie’s IMDB entry.

    Boll was responsible for the film adaptations of Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead – and even admitted the latter was rubbish in a recent interview. He’s also recently completed a big screen version of BloodRayne and is currently hard at work on the Dungeon Siege and Postal movies.

    But have no fear – the IMDB entry is officially wrong. Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox have yet to even produce a shortlist of potential Halo directors, and we’d bet our special edition DVD of German Fried Movie that Boll won’t be on it.

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    hard at work[/quote:9f7875ace2]

    That guy doesnt have to work hard to make crap films it just comes natural…

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    too true
    thank god for that i had nearly lost faith completely when i read he was involved

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    *goes into seizure at the mention of Alone in the Dark*
    He managed to turn a Chtulhu movie into an Aliens remake, the idiot :cry:


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    “Game and movie fans alike can breathe a sigh of relief at the news that notorious director Uwe Boll isn’t helming the new Halo film after all………….. and quake in fear at the prospect that instead Paul W.S Anderson has been hired to helm it”


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    mmmh, well, I can’t pronounce on AvP, having not even bothered downloading it. However, I thoroughly enjoyed Resident Evil. I suppose, having never played the games, I didn’t have any assumptions on how the movie should be, so it might have helped.

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    Well thats one bit of good news anyway. I still don’t know how the Halo movie will work with the audience never seeing the Master Chiefs face hence losing any kind of human element to the story.

    Oh and have you guys seen the trailer for Bloodrayne? Even THAT sucked! :lol:

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    didn’t see any trailers of that, anyway, there is already Underworld occupying the niche of the “cool vampire girl hunting other vampires”…

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    I still remember some journalists remarks about the BloodRayne game, “Girl on girl action.” It brought a smile to my face.

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