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    Art Wolf

    *jaw drops*


    Some actually took this to be Nintendo’s new console (due to the joy pag they use ) but its actually a demo by a french group working on V.R.

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    Realmedia format?
    Any chance you could describe it, because I refuse to install the piece of crap malware that is RealOne player…… :p

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    Art Wolf

    LOL :)

    They have a table with some model terrain on it (i.e. a miniture fort, a hill etc) and there is a camra pointed at the table.

    They are then driving a car around and over it by a joypad on a tv. The car interacts totally with the environment on the tv – for instance there is a spinning door which actually dumps the car out of the way…

    Poor description :)

    Get VLC or MPC and they should be able to play it!

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    Sounds interesting. I have the “real alternative” codec installed on my PC at home, so I will take a look at it later.

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    that must be a fake! its increditable!

    where did you get this from?

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