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This topic contains 16 replies, has 8 voices, and was last updated by  Phil Plunkett 10 years, 11 months ago.

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    I finished my course in Collaiste Stiofain Naofa in Cork last year in Multimedia. In the second year of the course we did 3D and I found it was my calling. I am 24 now and I am kind of sick of college so I thought I would go to it my own and try to improve my skills. So I worked the last few months part time flipping burgers for a living while working on my own in private. It is been very hard trying to grapple with working on my own but I have been steadily improving. I have been watching jobs over the last few months in this part of the country and I have to say there are few to say the least.

    So my question is this, where can I find a job, that hard to find 1st job, in this country? I would like to get some experience behind me before I go further abroad. But if I had to go to England, where would I start? And what skills do I need in order to get that first job? I have tried applying to architectural 3D jobs but they all require experience and all involve you working alone with an architect so I would need some training in the field before I could get on of these jobs.

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    Phil Plunkett

    Hi Subedei,

    Your gonna find it very hard to find a job 3d modelling in Ireland. I’m sure there are one or two out there but I would suggest heading over to England and working for one of the larger development companies over there just to get your foot in the door and something on your CV.

    Working for a big development company will probably give you the opportunity to work with some of the latest software tools and hopefully give ye the chance at working on a decent/well known game/product for your CV. Plus you have more of a chance to find which area of modelling you want to focus on. Any 3D modelling job over here is unlikely to offer you this unfortuately but i could be wrong.

    I worked for Eurocom and theyre not a bad bunch, theyre still hiring loads of ppl i think. Also you might wanna try somewhere like EA or Microsoft Studios. There are a lot better companies to work for I’m sure but working for one of these will hopefully open doors for you.

    good luck :)


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    SDS are hiring 3d ppl etc.
    check the site for opportunities.


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    On the SDS site, if ya click on ‘Find out More’

    it goes to…

    Latest Jobs

    Sorry, there are no results[/quote:551be37aba]

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    Yep, it’s England at the moment for most 3D artists. While it’s a royal pain to have to move overseas, the experience you’ll gain out there working with a professional team delivering on a high-quality product with – hopefully – well managed deadlines will be second to none, and will stand you in good stead for when / if you return.

    Get a copy of the Edge, check out the recruitment agencies, and use them to set you up with various interviews.

    It’s funny how some things never change – many years ago, when I finished up college, I got in contact with Aardvark Swift ( they still advertise in Edge ) and asked them to set me up with half a dozen interviews over a specific period of 4 days. During this time, I got an interview and a job offer from Sony ( interview Tuesday, job offer on Wednesday ), ditched the return ticket and started on the following Monday.


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    So it seems England is the place to be. Thanks for the advice so far but I have another question. What level of skill do you need to get a job in 3D? I look at other peoples work in 3D websites, with their near realistic look and they would be alot more advanced than me. I was probably the best in my class in 3D because I spent the summer before the start of that module studying 3D. And I have been spending my time getting more acquainted with 3ds max and learning anatomy and character modelling but my work would still not be on par with those that showcase their work over the internet. So what is the level of skill I need to show in my portfolio? Does anyone have examples of the bar I need to reach before I can get a job? Do I need to be advanced in animation, modelling, texturing, rendering and lighting in order to land a job? Because I would hate to go to England looking for a job and end up flipping burgers over there instead.

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    You’ll need to be very good at texturing especially. After that, its what you want to be working as…do you want to work in environments, models, characters, animations? Specialise on the one you want to work on, because they’ll be different jobs.
    As for the level….send your CV out to a few places and see if people reply. If not, your level isn’t high enough… Its a hard one to gauge, especially in today’s industry, are you looking to work for someone doing next gen games, if so, a very high standard will be required, with knowledge of creating normal mapped objects for instance, or a company working on PS2 / PSP stuff could be looking for different skills…
    My advice would be, don’t move over to look for a job, conact companies from over there and see what response you get, or go Mal’s route and use an agency to do the leg work. They’ll probably be able to tell you how up to par your work is too.

    ps. We’re hiring too, so there’s lot of jobs in the Derby area ;)

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    Phil Plunkett

    sounds like pretty good advice Omen, though I dont necessarily think ye need to to be very good at texturing but this is project\platform dependant.

    For realistic character stuff a lot of the time your given good reference stuff( photos of ppl from a number of views ) to work with. So its basically a lot of cut and paste in photoshop of the images. If you have a good eye for what looks good I think this is important.

    As you would probably be applying for a position as trainee modeller I would just get the portfolio together send it off and see how it goes. A lot of what you will need to learn normal mapping etc you can pick up pretty quicky once you have a position secured.

    Im not much into charaters, prefer envirnoments but If ye wanna pm me or link some examples of your work id be more than happy to give ye some feedback.

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    Yeah try and decide what type of modelling you’d like to do; Environments, Characters, Objects etc…

    Roles tend to be specific

    Note also that alot of studios use Maya, so maybe have a look at that 3D package too. There is a free learning edition available.

    There are 3D modelling jobs out there in Ireland….


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    sounds like pretty good advice Omen, though I dont necessarily think ye need to to be very good at texturing but this is project\platform dependant. [/quote:6a9a028a65]
    I mention texturing due to the fact that no matter how good your modelling is, once you put it on a portfolio, if its not textured well, its not going to have the wow factor you hope your models to have.

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    Check your PM subedei

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    To start off, I would like to thank all of you for your help, I was not expecting such helpful responses to my query.

    Okay with that done, in response to kyotokid, is it necessary for me to learn two packages, like Maya and Max in order to get a job? I was thinking that maybe at a later time I would learn Maya but I would rather get to know max as much as possible first. So second question is, is it better to know two programs to an okay level or just one really well?

    I also throw some of my work up in deviantart, so you can have a look. Maybe you can tell me where I need to improve in order to get a job, what I areas I need improving in or what I need to learn in order to get into the 3D industry or just tell me what you think in general. The link is here;


    I’m afraid there is only 3 projects there and 2 are old know, while one is a work in progress essentially. I’m afraid my course was very practical, so I spent alot of this year catching up on theory, and relearning 3ds max from the beginning, so I do not have much work to show at the moment, most of the stuff I did this year was just messing, trying to figure things out, nothing I kept. I’m doing 3d work for friends of mine at the moment, so I planned to improve my porfolio after that was done in the next few weeks.

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    I’m not an artist, but that looks pretty good.

    Important point to make about what you show…don’t show anything if you’re not entirely comfortable showing it. You could be rated on your weakest work, so I wouldn’t show old stuff to show how you’ve improved, only show the improved work.

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    Okay with that done, in response to kyotokid, is it necessary for me to learn two packages, like Maya and Max in order to get a job? [/quote:3a16ae45ac]

    Nope – if you portfolio is good enought it wont matter, but its just something to bear in mind that some places really prefer one over the other :)

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    Alright, I have another few questions. I would like to learn how to model, texture etc. Everything, animals, people, architecture, creatures, armour, weapons etc. but my question is this, is it better just to learn how to make one, like humans, really well, like learn all the different techniques of building people and texturing them or is it better to try to do everything? Will knowing just one area really well get you a job or should you get a general education, so they can put you anywhere?

    I finished college but I think the work I have done is just not good enough, probably as it stands I won’t be able to get a job yet, so this means I have few options, continue to work in some unrelated industry and work on this on my spare time, or go back to college but the first year will just be a waste of time as I will already know what they will teach me. So my second question is this, did you all just finish college (and what college course did you do) and get a job? Or did you spend a certain length of time unemployed or working some other job while working on this on your spare time and then got a job?

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    Barry Gallagher

    Hey subedei. Im not industry employed (yet), but i am a 3d artist and for what its worth in my opinion if you can model characters you can probably model all the rest to some competent degree.

    So basically try modeling characters!

    Drop me a line if you wish.
    My msn/email is "mrludo@hotmail.com"

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    Phil Plunkett


    Learn to model\texture humans really good first.


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