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    Charlie Brooker is continuing his campaign to promote video games to the general public with this article in The Guardian:


    It’s exciting to see someone with such passion and a strong voice put forward games as a form of media up there and equal to film, books and music. A lot of exciting developments are happening in the industry and a lot of people are missing out. Hopefully articles like this will get people to see the light.

    A friend in the BBC told me how his colleagues worship Charlie Brooker yet scoff at the idea of playing a game. It pleased me to hear that him promoting it so heavily is causing a few people to re-evaluate their prejustices.

    But it also fills me with anger. Despite many promising nuggets, games as a whole right now are in a complete mess. The plane is on fire and the ship is sinking. It literally pains me to see something I love get raped and abused when it should be getting nurtured and developed into the dominant creative force of the 21st century. The industry is being run into the ground with its unrelenting emphasis on short-term profit and the exploitation of over-milked IP. It’s in such a sorry state that I almost don’t even want people to see the games that are currently being churned out.

    Still, I’ll avoid going all-out David Cage and state that I’m confident that the games industry will work out its problems over time. This article reminds me of how passionate I am about games. It reminds me that I’m a gamer, and for better or for worse, that’s something I’m proud of. The bit below especially had me laughing out loud.

    They run against a nearby door and jab at the buttons. "You can’t open that door," you offer helpfully. "Why not?" they ask, "I opened another one a minute ago." "That one’s just scenery," you sigh. "How do you know?" they say, jabbing all the buttons again. "It just is. Stop it." "Maybe it’ll open in a moment," they suggest, jabbing. "It won’t."

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