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    Well I also like him because he is a curmudgeony ole so and so, and I also think he is kind of cute.

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    all problems we have observed when interviewing game players!


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    The only thing I’d disagree with is his praise for GTAIV. It’s a good game, but it ain’t no masterpiece. I’d probably put it top of my list for games that still feel like they’re made by teenagers. That’s no bad thing when you’re a teenager, but as the years pass its moments of "mature comedy" just make me cringe.

    It is good though that he’s spreading the gospel. I have sleepless nights thinking that some people have yet to play Dragon Age. Heathens.

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    " They swing the camera around until they can see nothing but their own feet, "[/quote:b6fc2b8e4c]
    Who has not had this happen, unfortunately dual analog is scary to game novices.

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