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    Hi everyone,

    I am a student in my final year and my final year project is to develop a game (Well demo) for XBox. I was hoping to develop the game using the Unreal Engine 2 (As it is quality and free – both good and the reason I am not using the Unreal Engine 2x). I have the Microsoft XDK but was wondering does anybody know how to convert the c++/unrealScript files to .xbe format without obtaining the engine liscence. It is proving to be a major stumbling block and it would be really helpful if anybody could point me in the right direction. All suggestions wlecome.

    Thanks in advance,


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    u should try the xbox homebrew scene, my guess is that some has messed with it

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    I’d ask around over at BeyondUnreal they’ve a forum section on the UE2 runtimes.


    Someone might be able to help out.

    Ignore the above I found your post on the site

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    Thanks for the help. Our efforts are proving fruitless though. I got a reply from someone in Epic saying they wouldn’t release the code we need. He also called me Neil. I don’t like him. Anyway next step is try get Torque.
    Thanks again for the suggestions.

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    Thats sounds about right. Give you free code then if you want to use it in a sensible way, you have to pay :)

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