Pulse College has announced some short courses over the summer in their Dublin base.

The ‘One Game a Day’ course with the extremely experienced Joe Roe will cover creating games from the following genres over the course of a week:
-First person shooter
-Point and click adventure
-Real time strategy
-Infinite runner
-Top down shooter style games

The Character Modelling and Animation for Games course provides an introduction to the world of animating characters for games in 3D: http://www.pulsecollege.eu/game/games-animation-character-animation-games/

The Environmental Modelling course teaches students to create 3D level assets and believable and immersive environments in games: http://www.pulsecollege.eu/game/3d-modelling-games-mudbox-3ds-max/

More information at http://www.pulsecollege.eu/game-development-game-design-courses/