Nebula Interactive has recently released Water Meter Dash, based on the controversy surrounding the establishment of Irish Water and the introduction of water charges in Ireland. This role playing game is a mobile application available now on Google Play and the App Store, and is free to play.

The game was designed by managing director of Nebula, Colin Guilfoyle. The application was developed by UK based coder Adam Green, and art was created by designer Leeann Hamilton. The game was released to the public on June 5th 2015.

The player is brought into a typical Irish town where they have the responsibility to carry out the job as a meter reader, under the name of Peter Splash. This villain is presented with various obstacles including angry protesters, vicious dogs, barriers, anti-water posters and even drowning in water fountains! Along the way however, the user must collect water meters, small disc shaped items on the screen. The objective of the game is to collect as many water meters before Mr. Splash sees his demise. For each death screen, there is a humorous graphic of Peter Splash in distress.

The user can share their score and the graphic onto their Facebook page for their social circle to join in the fun.


The graphic style reflects the light-hearted take on the issue, with a colourful fun palette and rounded character features. 2.5D graphics add to the movement of the game, creating a tenser feel for the user.

Nebula are currently developing another mobile game entitled Kesho Town. The aim is to change the way we view developing countries and the role of the aide agency. A Joint Venture with Grace Communications, this game has received financial backing from Enterprise Ireland and aims for release in Summer 2015.

The game with a real world impact will allow for the user to enjoy their in-app purchases, and to see how their money has contributed to those in third world countries. They will be able to see the progression through images that will be forwarded through the app. Look out for its release by following @nebulainter on Twitter.

Nebula Interactive offer a range of multimedia products, from website design, mobile applications and game development. The company are located in the heart of Drogheda, based in The Mill Enterprise Centre.



Water Meter Dash
Water Meter Dash
Price: Free+
Water Meter Dash
Water Meter Dash
Developer: Kesho Town
Price: Free


Landing Site: http://www.watermeterdash.com/

This game requires: iOS 5.1 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, or Android 2.3 or later.

Content Rating PEGI 3

Find Water Meter Dash on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @WaterMeterDash