Studio POWWOW & Puppy Cuts

Studio POWWOW has informed us that they have just released Puppy Cuts – My Dog Grooming Pet Salon. They developed  the game for The Kindly Ones Ltd. from concept right through to full release and it is published by Dublin based, StoryToys. It is out now via the App Store (see below).

‘Go from scruffy to fluffy with StoryToys new Dog Grooming App, a delightful doggy makeover app for tablets and mobile phones. Get tails wagging as you groom, style, color and dress up your precious pooch.’


Puppy Cuts screen520x924

About Studio POWWOW

Studio POWWOW was founded on the principle that young audiences’ viewing habits and behaviours have changed as the internet, mobile and tablet devices become an ever increasing part of the way people consume entertainment. POWWOW creates entertainment brands with engaging stories and characters on multiple media platforms by bringing their experience of award-winning TV-quality animation, design and storytelling to interactive content and games.

They specialise in all aspects of animation production and game development for TV, Film and Games.

See here.


Animation & VFX Traineeships – Call for Applications


Screen Training Ireland and Animation Skillnet are seeking applicants for a pilot one-year Traineeship Programme for Animation and VFX.

The Traineeship programme aims to partner 10 trainees with 10 animation/VFX studios for one full year. Over the course of the programme, the trainee will work in-house in the studio where they will receive on the job training. In addition to on-the-job training, the trainee will receive additional tailored training through Animation Skillnet and Screen Training Ireland.

The curriculum for the year of training is developed in close consultation with industry, and will combine training in core skills for animation/VFX with specialist and studio-specific knowledge and skills.

The traineeship will be divided into two main fields, both of which will be further divided into two training pathways:

1. Animation

Training Pathway 1: 2D
Training Pathway 2: 3D

2. VFX

Training Pathway 1: Compositing
Training Pathway 2: CG

The programme may also offer a parallel Technical Direction for VFX and Animation pathway, subject to demand.

All pathways will intersect where there are commonalities in terms of training needs, and all trainees across all four tracks will participate in core modules.

The Traineeship programme will commence in March 2015.

A training allowance/bursary will be made available to selected participants.

Participating studios for the pilot programme include:

Brown Bag Films

Cartoon Saloon

Giant Animation

JAM Media


Piranha Bar

Screen Scene VFX


Windmill Lane VFX

Applicants should apply via email with a CV and showreel and/or portfolio to Screen Training Ireland and Animation Skillnet at with “Animation/VFX Traineeship” in the subject header.

Applicants should identify the skills area/training pathway they are interested in pursuing, e.g. VFX: Compositing, 2D Animation, etc. Applicants will be evaluated and shortlisted for interview by a panel of industry experts, in consultation with Screen Training Ireland/IFB/Animation Skillnet.

Only those who are shortlisted will be called for interview.

Deadline for applications is Friday 20th February 2015.

For further information, please contact Sorcha Loughnane at Screen Training Ireland; or Gareth Lee at Animation Skillnet.

IGDA Scholarships for E3

The IGDA Scholarship Program is a 14 year old program that kick-starts careers of the best and brightest students entering the games industry. This program awards scholarships to select individuals who apply. Scholarship winners who attend E3 will receive:


1. E3 Pass: A Conference Pass to E3.

2. Mentorship: A veteran, industry mentor assigned to the scholarship recipient based on the field of his or her study. This mentor meets with them during the conference, helps them network, and maintains a relationship with the student throughout his or her career.

3. Studio tours: In 2014 students toured DoubleFine, 3 Rings, DICE LA, Insomniac Games, and Gree as part of their IGDA Scholarships. Our program works hard to ensure students receive studio tours at each conference experience.

4. Booth Tours: This is usually specific to E3 and Gamescom. As part of this students get to play games and meet with developers one on one. During E3 2014, students met one on one with designers from Ubisoft, attended a Destiny after hours event, met with Disney, and sat down with Oculus after conference hours.

5. Q&A Sessions: We invite students to speak to veterans in private sessions. A few of the ones from the 2014 conference experiences included Brian Fargo (Fallout, Wasteland, Wasteland 2), Don Daglow (Intellivision, Utopia, Neverwinter Nights), John Romero (Doom,Ravenwood Fair, Red Faction), and Jenova Chen (ThatGameCompany, Journey,Flow, Flower).



Applications for E3 2015 are due the 24th of March!

Visit: to apply.

For general information visit! And follow us on Twitter @IGDA_scholars for updates.

#IrishGameDev interview with Colm Larkin

In 2013 Geoff Newman (aka krudd) of EndLife Studios produced a number of podcasts interviewing people in #Irishgamedev. We also posted before Christmas that he was working on a film on gamejams.

This week he released an interview with Colm Larkin, founder of Gambrinous and creator of Guild of Dungeoneering – which you might have seen on our picture carousel on the homepage! Colm should be over in Amsterdam at Casual Connect this week as one of two Irish indie games that have been selected as finalists for the Indie Prize.

This interview was conducted in Dec. 2014 – so before he knew about the nomination.

Thanks to Geoff for sharing it.

#IrishGameDev interview with Colm Larkin from Geoff Newman on Vimeo.


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