Nice to hear that 2PaperDolls, the Irish based mobile games studio, have gotten inside the Mind of Man, at least on Twitter.

Mind of Man for Twitter®, the Twitter discovery game will be launched this week and reveals how the world sees you by turning your text and behaviors into unique digital avatars.

The avatars, called MindPrints, identify players’ most dominant traits and emotions relative to their friends, favorite celebrities, and the rest of the Twitterverse. While popular social media tools rank only power or influence, Mind of Man portrays players’ online personalities, character flaws, even anti-social tendencies through crowdsourcing. Players earn both virtual and real-world rewards for judging each other.

What began as a project to capture mood on Twitter has evolved into an application that “blurs the boundaries between real life and your online world,” explains founder Louis Ravenet. “The game captures a player’s online persona in a MindPrint, then uses their personality to drive other game experiences for prizes, discounts and rewards.”

Although sentiment analysis tools until recently relied on a simple “thumbs up/thumbs down” model, Mind of Man goes beyond polarity in measuring moods and emotions through “an oracle that talks back” in an Orwellian tone. “This is no coincidence in an era of digital privacy concerns,” says Ravenet.

Mind of Man for Twitter is now available on the iTunes App Store in both free and premium subscription versions:

Mind of Man for Twitter

Mind of Man+ for Twitter

Mind of Man® is a Twitter discovery game that allows players to learn more about themselves and others through crowdsourced recommendations, while competing to win free stuff at choice retailers, restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes.

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