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Hi, we’re Halesoft, based in Cork in the south of Ireland. We make games as well as provide a long list of other web based services.  We just came out of the woodwork lately, sprung up in Cork a few months ago.  We’re a bunch of lads from varies backgrounds, mainly engineers who ticker about with game development outside of our day jobs.  It started as a hobby but quickly became an obsession.  Twas either this or philately.

Anyway we’re looking for some beta testers to help facilitate the initial features of one of our latest projects that we are working on for a British developer/publisher.  The game is called the Lost Legacy (for now) and it’s a physical 3d puzzler.  It has similar game mechanics to such titles as the room.

We’re looking for some feedback from tech experts in Ireland so figured this was the perfect area to reach out to like minded people.

So if you want to help us with our product testing and you have an android device try it out here in the play store Lost Legacy and feel free to throw some suggestions our way.

Lost Legacy: Demo
Lost Legacy: Demo
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

See http://www.halesoft.ie/