I am pleased to announce that after much time and effort ‘The Business and Culture of Digital Games: Gamework/Gameplay’ is printed and now available for sale.

Many of you on the boards will know that this website developed out of the first year of a project I was working on in DCU on the games industry in 2000/01. Well I guess you could say the second thing to develop out of that project which went on for three years in the end is this book.

The book looks at games as an industry, as cultural texts and as social and cultural activities. It summarises recent theories and case studies and tries to include as far as possible work from the UK, the US and Asia. I put in references to Irish companies too where possible.

People on the boards helped me come up with the title ‘gamework/gameplay’ and although the marketing department in Sage weren’t too keen it stayed there and is how I refer to the book. Others helped proof and develop tables and figures for it.

So this is a thank you to all for the assistance and if you think it would be use to you or your students I guess I should encourage you to buy it!

For more info see http://www.sagepub.co.uk/author.aspx?aid=301313

and http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1412900476/202-1901942-7027060

And we might have to have another party to launch this properly!