BSc (Hons) in Entertainments Systems – WD168 – Waterford Institute of Technology

Entertainment Systems is the study of content generation for digital multimedia systems, its motivations, qualities and technical frameworks and the presentation of computer-based content to mass audiences in a clear and cohesive manner.

The course on offer has two thematic streams-Games and Music Technology. As part of his/her study, the student will be introduced to computer science, gain expertise in software development and understand the architecture of computers, their networks and infrastructure so as to fully understand the lifecycle of data on ICT systems. The student will understand the different forms that multimedia data can take.

With respect to games, the student will learn to understand the games development process, games design theory, 2D and 3D games creation and how to exploit the potential of a range of games consoles. With respect to audio, the student will learn about acoustics, psychoacoustics, music theory, audio creation and editing tools and production techniques. All students will be conversant in multimedia trends and be able to apply generic solutions to specific emerging trends.

What area could I expect to work in?
• Audio Production environments
• Broadcasting Studios
• Games design and development
• 3D Design Studios
• Multimedia and software development
• Web design and development

Follow on Study
• MSc Communication Software
• MSc Multimedia Development

Course Outline

BSc Entertainment Systems is a 4 year honours degree course at NQAI Level 8. Each year contains two semesters. All subject modules are common for the first two semesters (Year 1). In semester 3, students choose whether to opt for the Games Development or Music Technology streams, with the course becoming increasingly specialised as the student progresses.

All of year 3 is taken up by a 9-12 month structured work placement, where the student gains real-world practical experience. This paid placement takes place in a relevant working environment, be it a games development studio, audio recording suite or software development house. WIT has a long history of work placement on other IT-related courses and students have found it to be an invaluable experience.

Upon completion of the work placement, the student returns for the two final semesters. During these semesters, as well as attending classes, the student works on a self-driven project which showcases their talents and demonstrates the skills they have learned.

Examples include:
• Developing a console game from conception to playability
• Building a piece of software for audio production
• Creating an integrated multimedia package for a portable device (such as an iPhone)

(Note: full list of subjects available via course link at bottom of page)

Course Facts
Course Title: BSc (Hons) in Entertainment Systems
Course Code: WD168
Course Level: 8
Duration: 4 years

Entry Requirements
Total number of subjects at grade D or better: 6
Number of subjects at higher level grade C or better: 2
English/Irish: OD3/HD3
Mathematics: OB3/HD3

Applications for entry from September 2009 is through the CAO.

Recent Entry Points: 2009: 280

Course leaders:
• Robert O’Connor – Tel. +353 51 302073 or
• Karl Sandison –

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