Among the many third level courses now available in Ireland which providing training in the development of interactive media is the 4 year BSc. in Multimedia at Dublin City University. We spoke to lecturer Declan Tuite who teaches a number of modules on the course. <br /><br />Of particular relevance are modules in “Dramatic Authoring for the Web”, “Digital Audio” and “Programming for Multimedia”. In these modules students develop skills in character development and user engagement, soundtrack design, aesthetics and psychoacoustics and key programming principles respectively.<br /><br />Work is cross platform, with projects developed for PC, Mac and web. Audio development equipment used includes Pro Tools Digi 001 and a broadcast level Pro Tools AV studio is also available. Authoring for multimedia emphasizes the organisation of code and encourages re-useable objects and set pieces for interactive design and information architectures.<br /><br />A module in 3D Modelling and animation uses Cinema 4D. There are options during the course which facilitate specialisation in a given area of multimedia production, be it audio, video or imaging. All are of equal relevance to games design. Other software used on the course includes Director Shockwave Studio, Flash, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator while Digital Video (D9 format) and Stills cameras along with minidisk recording equipment are available. <br /><br />Students go on work experience placement in their third year of the course in order to establish industry links and build a familiarity with the way in which multimedia businesses operate. Placement in games companies would be acceptable for this period but to date no students have secured such a placement.<br /><br />The first graduates from this course will appear in 2003 and there are 50 places on the course every year. Final projects proposed include a broad range of multimedia productions, from animated narratives to online/networked games, research based projects and DVD/CD-ROM productions. There is no part time option. <br /><br />The only games industry links are by association with the research centre for Society, Technology and Media (STeM) at D.C.U, which is behind the online resource Two students from the BSc. in Multimedia developed that website while on work experience. <br /><br />Essentials:<br /><br />Location: Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.<br /><br />Course: B.Sc. in Multimedia<br /><br />Duration: 4 years<br /><br />Course Strengths: <br />Interactive design, theory of narrative & traditional media, broad media basis, 3D Modelling, object oriented approach to web programming for Shockwave and Flash. Large web emphasis.<br /><br />Course Weaknesses:<br />No study of more commonly used games programming languages (C++, OpenGL, JAVA).<br /><br />More info: <LINK><ADDRESS></ADDRESS><LTEXT></LTEXT></LINK>