spongeit,  a small Cork based research company, are carrying out a piece of research into the digital content sector in Ireland and they are looking for our help here at  gamedevelopers.ie to get in contact with game companies.

The research has been commissioned by Honeycomb creative works, which is a European Union INTERREG IV funded initiative. It is going to look at both those that produce digital content and those that buy digital content.

Digital does not recognise traditional geographic boundaries and neither does Honeycomb Creative Works. They are working hard between Northern Ireland and the Republic in an effort to develop a centre of excellence for all that is digital that spans across both regions. They want digital to become big and to achieve this they are working to help the little guy. When we say digital we mean games, animation, film and TV, music and interactive media.

This research will help Honeycomb to understand the needs of digital producers and also buyers of digital produce. With this information Honeycomb will be able to make more informed decisions about what help to provide in terms of technical training, business skills development, providing seed-funding or creating networks of collaboration, along with a host of other initiatives.


We are looking for decision makers in existing digital companies to complete a really short survey where they can describe how their business fits into the digital this sector and what their needs might be. This information will paint the picture of what the digital sector looks like on our island.

The survey should take no longer than 7 minutes to complete.

If you are willing to help out the future of the digital content sector you can find the link to our survey on the first page of the research initiative’s website here; Please use reference JK007 when completing the survey at http://www.digitalresearchinstitute.eu/ so we know it’s from the community.


When our research is concluded and our findings reached we will be sharing a report with all those that completed the research. As well as that, gamedevelopers.ie will post an exclusive features which will present the headline findings of our study.

The companies that complete the research will also be in with a chance of winning a prize of €5,000 worth of quantitative market research. We will survey a nationally representative sample of consumers based in Northern Ireland and the Republic. You get to decide the questions to ask and we will find out the answers.

If you are a director or marketing manager in a company like this why don’t you join in our research project?