The following game conferences have open calls for papers, panels and other work by academics and industry.

SIGGRAPH 2009 – ACM Sandbox Symposium

The ACM Sandbox Symposium has explored the expressive nature of videogames since SIGGRAPH 2006. The relationships among game-design practices, technologies, player experiences, and the intellectual challenges that face game designers, developers, researchers, and players are highlighted in the Sandbox Symposium. Starting in 2009, the Sandbox Symposium is no longer a separate event but is integrated into the main SIGGRAPH conference, living on through The Sandbox, Game Papers, and more.

NORDES ´09 Engaging Artefacts
Oslo, Norway, 30 August -1 September 2009

Design research aims to provide new insights to the ways in which we understand – and do – design. The conference invites contributions from researchers in universities, design schools and industry who share an interest in understanding and developing design as a trans-disciplinary practice that is always in the making. The scope of the conference reaches beyond the traditional design disciplines and includes other research areas with mutual interest in design research and engaging
artefacts. NORDES ‘09 directs its interest towards the diversity,
challenges and emerging practices and understandings of design. The conference theme reflects a range of issues that characterize design and design research today.


The 2009 Develop Conference will take place in Brighton in the UK from from July 14th to 16th, 2009.

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