Where: Europa Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland

When: Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th October 2005

A networking event for creative industry development people. Featuring over sixty international speakers, presenting on a wide range of the latest policy issues, including:
Heralding A New Era in the UK: Will Creative and Cultural Skills succeed?
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: How is China developing it’s creative and cultural industries?
Up on the Hill: In the world’s largest economy how do you persuade the US power elite their way is not the only way?
Storm in a Coffee Cup: How is tax law, a coffee producer and a shoe maker helping to boost Italian creativity?
Latecomer with Potential: What’s the future for Germany’s creative sector?
Revolution in the Head: Could the UK lead a cultural strategy for Europe?
Delivering Skills for Creativity: How can we meet the increasing demand for creative skills and abilities?

Delivering Skills for Creativity invites educators, policy-makers, creative entrepreneurs and producers to explore a challenge faced by the whole economy, with speakers including:
Tom Bewick, CCSkills, UK
Helen Wills, Creative Partnerships Merseyside, UK
Laurence Solkin, City University, UK
Andrew Erskine, BOP, UK
Susan Jones, a-n The Artists Information Company, UK
Richard Parkes, Prevista, UK
Keynote Speakers: James Purnell, UK Minister for Creative Industries, Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey, and Dr Chris Yapp, Microsoft’s Head of Public Sector Innovation, with more to come.

Who’s speaking? http://www.creativeclusters.com/modules/eventsystem/?fct=listpresenters&eventid=5

Who’s coming? http://www.creativeclusters.com/modules/eventsystem/?fct=listdelegates&eventid=5

Already delegates from twenty countries have signed up, and our last two conference sold out! If you are responsible for developing the creative industries in your city, region or community, then you too should be at Creative Clusters 2005.

To book, visit http://www.creativeclusters.com by 26th September before the prices go up!

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