This was discussed just recently on the forums and in the last few days we received a press release stating that Dare to be Digital, has announced its 2010 finalists.

This year there were entries from more than 80 universities worldwide and the final shortlist of 15 has been selected by a panel of industry experts and includes a team from Ballyfermot and Carlow IT.

The finalists represent 15 different universities from six countries including the UK, Irish Republic, USA, India, China and Sweden.

The games to be developed for the final stage of the competition cover a wide variety of genres and platforms, including social games, 2.5D adventure, sports party and real-time strategy models designed for PC, Android Phone, Windows 7 Phone and Sony PSP Go platforms.

Teams will be heading over to Abertay in the next week or so to start building out their game. Best of luck to them.

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