FuturePlay – The International Academic Conference on the Future of Game Design and Technology

Union Building,
Michigan State University,
East Lansing,

The schedule for FuturePlay is now packed with excellent content. We have a diverse collection of speakers, workshops, panels and academic papers being presented. Some highlights are featured below.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Ernest Adams – Emerging Issues in Game Design
  • Henry Jenkins III (MIT) & James Paul Gee (Wisconsin-Madison) – Why Video Games are Good for You.


  • Chris Hecker (Maxis) – “Why You Should Have Paid Attention in Multi-Variable Calculus”
  • Greg Costikyan (Nokia Research Center) – “Imagining New GameStyles”
  • Brenda Bakker Harger (Carnegie Mellon University) – Fun to Play With: Using Improvisational Acting to Shatter Disciplinary Boundaries.


  • Brenda Brathwaite & Jeb Havens (Cyberlore) – “You Want Me to Make a Game About WHAT??”
  • Marc LeBlanc and Andrew Leker (Mind Control) – “Game Tuning Workshop”
  • Virgile Delporte (Virtools) – “Rapid Game Prototyping”

    Research Papers:
    We have a full schedule of academic research papers being presented on games research http://www.futureplay.org/content.php?pageID=67. The discipline areas range from Artificial Intelligence & Adaptable Games to Game Code & Network Optimization and on to Game Design & Technology Case Studies.

    Panel Discussions:

  • Game Content, Ratings, Censorship and the First Amendment
  • Building Game Development Labs & Facilities in Academic Settings
  • Game Intellectual Property Law, Policy and Issues
  • Bridging the Gap Between Industry Development and Academic Research

    There are many other speakers, panels and papers featured in FuturePlay this year. Please feel free to view the full schedule at

    Accepted papers are being published in digital conference proceedings. These will be available in CD format and also for download after theconference.

    Details of hotels who are offering discounts to FuturePlay attendees are on the FuturePlay web site at

    Social Events:
    During the conference there will be a party at Club 131 under Harpers Pub, a wine and cheese event hosted by Ageia Technologies, Torque users gatherings, birds of a feather sessions and other informal gatherings.

    Registration cost is $250 USD, with discounts for students (100 places at half price), fully paid up IGDA members ($50 off full registrations), group bookings (10 for the price of 8)