Day 2: Identification of projects using converged media that require games, workshops and ‘Games Show-down’ final

Peter Cowley, Director of Interactive Media, Endemol, Ted Evans, Executive Director of Interactive Programming, Flextech and Tim Harrison, Head of Mobile Content, Vodafone will discuss the issues and opportunities for games in converged applications across TV and mobile.

Interactive TV with Stuart Nolan of Needlework TV
Games for Nokia’s N-Gage with Jari Saarhelo of the N-Gage Game Development Tools Team at Nokia
Overview of Renderware Tools and Introduction to Tao Intent Media Platform

Old hands and young turks together debate who and what is the best game… who did things best …. how things have changed… truly generational! Jason Kingsley, Philip Oliver, Dino Dini, John Chasey, Marcus Potter and Jeremy Longley will battle it out along with input from the audience.

The cost is £73 + VAT for both days.

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