It appears to be a good month for announcements of game related startups in Ireland.

Groove Games, of Toronto, Canada, and publisher of Xbox and PC games like WarPath (2005) and Playboy: The Mansion (2004), has established a presence in the Digital Hub in Dublin, Ireland.

Operating as SkillGround, the company will offer online gamers the ability to play video games for money. Their site, will be officially launched later this spring but is up and running now if you want to check it out.

In Dublin the company has begun hiring and has recently been joined by Damian Ryan, formerly known to readers for his involvement in establishing the Digital Media Awards (2002) and the Golden Spider Awards (1996) as well as online agencies; ICAN in 1998 and Brando in 2005.

SkillGround have informed us that they have a number of commercial, sales and advertising positions open at the moment which we will be posting in the jobs section of soon.