The Technology Section of the Sunday Business Post last weekend was graced with a large picture from the soon to be released film, Matrix Reloaded and the title ‘Matrix Boost for Dublin Software Maker.’

The Dublin software maker is Havok who seem to be unstoppable these days; not only are they in every game you care to mention but their software is now being used in films.

According to the SBP article Havok’s software is ‘used to give extra realism to fight scenes and other stunts’ in the forthcoming Matrix sequel which will be released on May the 23rd in Ireland.

When it comes to games Havok 2 is being used by the developers of the following forthcoming games: Half-Life 2, Max Payne 2, Deus Ex 2 and Thief 2, amongst others.

One wonders will they all be waiting for the development of Havok 3 before they release their third sequels? Keep up the good work…