5th International Video Games Forum –
New dynamics in the video game industry

Dates: 14-16 November, 2006
Venue, Montpelier, France.

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For the fifth consecutive year, IDATE, in partnership with the City of Montpellier, is organizing the International Video Game Forum. The advent of a new internet era is shaping the challenges that lie ahead for the video game industry, bringing with it new forms of massively multiplayer games and community management, digital content transmission and distribution over fixed and mobile platforms, the online potential of serious games and, finally, in-game advertising.

The goal of this forum is to discuss the outstanding events that have marked the industry in recent months, and the challenges that lay ahead.



Introductory remarks by IDATE

Laurent MICHAUD Head of Video Games & Interactive Entertainment Division

Introduction by the President of the SELL

Philippe SAUZE Vice Président & Directeur Général France & Benelux
Electronic Arts France

Keynote – The Chinese video game market

Yu LI Vice president Shanda

Roundtable – Massively multiplayer games: the new virtual economy Three outstanding elements marked the massively multiplayer video games universe in 2005. First, confirmation of the stunning success of
Blizzard Entertainment/VUG’s World of Warcraft (6.6 million subscribers). Second was casual gaming’s increasing forays into new content and genres – e.g. Dofus (Ankama) – and, third, the sector’s
changing business models, as illustrated by Trackmania Nations (Nadeo/Focus Home Interactive), Entropia Universe (MindArk) and Second Life (Linden Lab).

Moderator: Alain LE DIBERDERE – CLVE, Luc BOURCIER Directeur Général Codemasters, Xavier CARRILLO CEO Digital Legends Entertainment, Florent CASTELNERAC Directeur Nadéo, Alain LE DIBERDERE Président CLVE, Ghislaine LE RHUN Directeur de l’Unité d’Affaires Jeux, Division Contenus Groupe France Télécom.

Coffee break

Speaker – Consoles & digital content distribution.

Presentation of a game distributed via Microsoft’s Live Arcade Sébastien DEGUY Président Fondateur Allegorithmic

Roundtable – Consoles & digital content distribution

Equipping home consoles with the ability to connect to the web is a foregone conclusion, with handhelds now following in their footsteps. While digital content distribution over these devices currently concerns video games in the main, the platforms are gradually embracing other
digital entertainment content as well, namely music, movies, video and podcasting.

Moderator: Fred HASSON – TIGA
Guillaume DE FONDAUMIERE Chief Operating Officer, Quantic Dream Thibaut DE ROBIEN Directeur Marketing Metaboli, Fred HASSON CEO TIGA, Cédric LAGARRIGUE Président Focus Home Interactive, François RUAULT Directeur de la Division Grand Public Microsoft.

Keynote – Presentation of India’s video game market

Tapaas CHAKRAVARTI CEO DQ Entertainment


Speaker – Video games and the advertising market

Joshua GRAFF Business Development Manager Massive Inc.

Roundtable – Advertisers setting their sights on gamers Embedding ads in video games can represent a considerable source of income for publishers, and a way for brands to target an audience that is gradually moving away from traditional media. Microsoft’s takeover of the start-up Massive Inc. is revealing of the hopes being invested in this market segment.

Moderator: Emmanuel FORSANS, AFJV
Abrial DA COSTA Directeur Commercial Elektrogames, Emmanuel FORSANS Directeur AFJV, Joshua GRAFF Business Development Manager Massive Inc. Bruno KAUFMANN Responsable des Nouveaux Médias KR Media,
Cyril VERMEIL Directeur Marketing Stratégique Monde Ubisoft.

Speaker – Serious Game: growth outlet or a sector unto itself? The state of serious games. Stéphane DE BUTTET Chargé de Mission Multimédia / SeriousGame /
e-Learning Rhône Alpes Numérique

Roundtable – Serious Game: growth relay or sector unto itself?

The technological innovations being dreamed up and rolled out by video
game developers and research labs are finding themselves transported to
other sectors, including the military, healthcare, education, training…
Is the serious game becoming a market unto itself?

Moderator: Frédéric WEIL – Capital Game
Sébastien BECK Directeur Exécutif Daesign,
Philip BELHASSEN Directeur Commercial Stonetrip, Stéphane DE BUTTET Chargé de Mission Multimédia / SeriousGame /
e-Learning Rhône Alpes Numérique,
Olivier PERROT Directeur Exécutif 3DVF,
Luc ROBERT Chief Technical Officer, Co Founder Realviz Frédéric WEIL Directeur Capital Games.

Coffee break

Demonstration – New gaming formats
Casual game distribution using new services

Benoit MECHINEAU Directeur Marketing Europe Boonty

Speakers -New gaming formats
New gameplay, new platforms and the raise of casual online gaming, brings new gaming format.

Colas OVERKOTT CEO Visiware
Louis-Marie ROQUES CEO Eversim

Roundtable – New gaming formats
In a bid to attract occasional gamers, the video game offer is changing, both in terms of gameplay and of pricing and business models. After several generations of gaming devices, and with the progress being made on telecom networks, the content itself is now making strides and
helping develop new gaming formats. Moderator: Malte BEHRMANN – GAME Malte BEHRMANN Managing Director Politic GAME Stèphane LABRUNIE SVP Sales & Marketing Europe I-play Jérôme LE FEUVRE Responsable Marketing Jeux, Orange Groupe France Télécom Colas OVERKOTT CEO Visiware Gilles RAYMOND CEO & President In-Fusio


Philippe SAUZE Vice Président & Directeur Général France & Benelux
Electronic Arts France

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