The IGDA Scholarship Program is a13 year old program that kick-starts careers of the best and brightest students entering the games industry.  This program awards scholarships to select individuals who apply. Here’s the full list of what award winners receive:

Conference Passes: All access passes to GDC, GDCE, Gamescom, E3, TGS, and CEDEC

Mentorship: A veteran, industry mentor is assigned to scholarship recipients based on the field of their study. This mentor meets with them during the conference, helps them network, and maintains a relationship with the student throughout his or her career.

Studio tours: This year students toured DoubleFine, 3 Rings, DICE LA, Insomniac Games, and Gree.

Booth Tours: This is usually specific to E3 and Gamescom. As part of this students get to play games and meet with developers there. This year students sat down one on one with designers from Ubisoft, attended a Destiny after hours event, met with Disney, sat down with Oculus after hours and more.

Q&A Sessions: We invite them to speak to veterans in private sessions. A few of the ones from this year included Brian Fargo (FalloutWastelandWasteland 2), Don Daglow (Intellivision, UtopiaNeverwinter Nights), John Romero (Doom,Ravenwood FairRed Faction), and Jenova Chen (ThatGameCompany, Journey,FlowFlower).

Applications for GDC 2015 are due the 2nd of December! Visit: to apply.

For general information visit!

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