Polyonic Studios is an independent games development studio based in Sligo. They are a team of three, who met in college studying games development. After leaving college they started Polyonic Studios and began development on Irate Traffic in August of 2016.

“There has been a sharp learning curve for all of us throughout the development process, but we learned a great deal from it and had fun doing it as well.

Today we are proud to officially announce the release of our new game, Irate Traffic on the Google Play Store.”

Irate Traffic is an endless runner where you control a vehicle weaving it’s way through oncoming traffic whilst trying to collecting coins on the road to buy new vehicles. With plenty of vehicles and five unique areas to speed through there’s plenty to keep you playing.

Irate Traffic
Irate Traffic
Developer: Polyonic Studios
Price: Free+

If you want to learn more about Polyonic Studios you can visit thier website: http://www.polyonicstudios.com