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Aphra K

We post any positions that gets sent to us on our jobs list – but always good to get yourself known and start attending some of the jams and events too.



Also you might be interested in the following –


Irish VFX + Animation Summit takes place next weekend, 29th & 30th November, at the Science Gallery in Dublin.

Part of our mission is to encourage the engagement between studios and future artists to nurture and grow the best VFX and Animation talent possible. Students and prospective artists need to know how best to show off their incredible work to get the best possible VFX and animation opportunities. At this year’s Summit, with the help of Shotgun Software, we’re going to facilitate that.

For the first time, we will host a Showreel Clinic – a collaboration with Shotgun Software – that will give artists the opportunity to submit their work and get it in front of our speakers or a senior artist from an Irish studio to get the critical 1-on-1 feedback you need to make the best showreel possible.

On Saturday, 29th November and Sunday, 30th November we’ll have a dedicated location in The Science Gallery where you can have your own dailies session, where we’ll use Shotgun to track submissions and reviewer feedback and make sure that all that review feedback goes straight back to you.

Send your showreel to showreel@vfxsummit.com, and we’ll take it from there.

Students are entitled to a significant discount on summit tickets on our website http://www.vfxsummit.com