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Hi folks,

It has abeen a long, long time since I was active in the old Gamedevelopers.ie forums so I should probably (re)introduce myself!

I’m Lead Designer at Playground Games whom I’ve recently joined. Before that I was at Zynga where I was lead designer on FarmVille and the Bubble Safari franchise. You might be able to guess but my specialisation is in monetisation, F2P and mobile game design. No I’m not actally evil. I get a kick out of F2P because I’m a strong believer in model driven design, data driven design, analytics and academic theory which are all things that F2P puts front and centre.

I graduated from BCFE and went on to do a Masters at Brunel University, before starting out in the industry at Climax Games. I feel I owe a lot to those two fine institutions.

I’ll be back in Ireland at Christams, so if there are any meetups formal or otherwise I’d love to come along and catch up.