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Hi, I’m also new to this fine forum! I hate to bring an air of negativity to this particular discussion but what exactly is the point in training people to make games here in the first place when there are no jobs to be had? It’s the exact same situation I dealt with when I finished my two years in Ballyfermot studying computer animation and graphics (in 1993/4 I think????). I was basically trained for export. And 12 years on, even though I’m working in Ireland and in games (and very lucky to be) , things have hardly changed.
We have groups like IGDA and colleges and unis all over the place all involved in the industry, we’re just currently missing an actual industry. And if anyone thinks that the small group of mobile dev studios and the one or two PC studios (no offence to any of these guys, they’re doing sterling work and I’m happy someones getting down to it!!!!) here qualify as an industry then they really should look at the UK industry for comparisons.
I can only hope that over the next few years our micro industry expands a bit, though with the global industry on a seemingly perpetual nosedive I fear it may be wishful thinking. I hope to have to eat these words someday.