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Hey Aphra

So you might be entering the mobile gaming world….

Well, we’ve a whole bunch of phones in here , and the ones i tend to use are the ones that are easiest to text with…. with big buttons

As Ireland is a really really small market, we only have about half the selection of phones available in the UK – so that means a limited amount of cool phones here. In general (and my experience), phones from the East (read Sharp , Samsung) are miles ahead of ‘de others’….. taking usability, functionality, etc into account.

A good phone now should have video compatibility with 3gp files (not particularly 3g), Java (midp2 & 3D), bluetooth, infrared (handy for backups… ahem) and a preconfigured Internet APN (means you can pop your emails, etc, plus play multiplayer games) – some phones have lots more (mp3, radio, toasters ?) but thats more a personal preference..

Ones with the above would include the Nokia 6320, Sony Ericsson F500 & Samsung D500….. a lot will depend what’s on offer with each operator,supplier

Happy shopping