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Last year as part of my final year BSc Interactive Systems and Video Game Design Degree my team of student game designers from the University of Bradford, UK entered and were short listed in the Dare to be Digital competition.


The toughest competition was in the Yorkshire region with 9 entries for 1 place.

We got great feedback and produced in the judges minds the best material. However our game was too ambitious for the competition. Also most of the team were well on out way to getting game design degrees which made Dare somewhat redundant for use anyway.

I have been asked to write a post mortem for the game entry for the industry website http://www.gamasutra.com.

I will place a link on this forum to that article when its up.

I am willing to offer my help to any Irish team looking to enter the Dare competition as it is a great opportunity and I have valuable experience. And the more Irish game design talent in the world the best able we are to show these edjits how to make real games.

Alan O’Dea