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Aphra K

I had a post recently asking if the issues raised in some previous features on education and games in Ireland were still valid.

The features in question were published in 2006!
See http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/features/viewfeature.php?article=39 and

Since then we have many new courses at degree and diploma levels and a lot of shorter courses in private colleges and local colleges at level 5 and 6. We also have the rise of a local indie scene.

Do we think that the following issues raised back in 2006 are still valid (raised in the feature by T Kelly)
1) Rebranding of courses without appropriate content development
2) Involvement of industry
3) A lack of industry experienced lecturers
4) Keeping pace
5) Lack of involvement with industry in placements
6) Too many short courses
7) A failure to include team based projects.

Are there new ones?

Ideas welcome. Maybe another feature.

I know that Games Ireland now has an education and training sub-committee.