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Apologies if any of this has been covered in the feedback forum, I literally just started playing the game last night and havnt had time to go through it all yet:

Here’s my thoughts:

Having been part of the original development team for the Counter-Strike/ mmorts "Final Battleground" and developing a UI for use in browsers I have to say I really do like this GUI. It’s clean and sharp and compliments the buildings and assets very well.

I did find the mouse to be laggy when running in chrome though, I know this might be a hardware issue and going into fullscreen mode overcame this issue but a v-sync toggle in the options menu would be nice and I think gamers appreciate having more options.

Secondly, I know its a beta but there was a sheep sprite on one of the buildings (I think in the food district) that had some nasty clipping and clearly needs more padding on the spritesheet.

Lastly, In the past with browser based games that are accessible to more people the tendency is to hold users’ hands and walk them thru things at the start; I definitely felt the landing was a bit harsh in terms of not showing you where the different districts were. My reason for this is
the game hurries you by telling you "time is running out", but then doesn’t actually show you what you can do about it.

I’m all for sharp learning curves and making players take charge rather than molly-coddling them but would there be any harm in having some kind of "District markings" on the screen? Even just an initial waypoint?

I know, "less is more" and the best UI’s get out of the players way but because you cant zoom out to get an overall few of the entire map it’s hard to get your bearings at the start so a little indication wouldn’t go amiss.

Overall though I have to say the game looks really good and polished and I’m looking forward to delving deeper into it :) hats off to Fergus and the art team – and for that matter everyone at Digit – the game looks amazeballs guys!