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Aphra K

This has just been posted and might be of interest to some.


The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) have just published an
extensive new report on video gaming.

The report, produced by Cragg Ross Dawson, looks at what players enjoy about games and explore preferences in UK gamers aged from seven through to players in their early 40s as well as parents of young games players, games industry representatives and games reviewers.

Speaking about the report, David Cooke, Director of the BBFC said:

"The element of interactivity in games carries some weight when we are
considering a video game. We were particularly interested to see that this
research suggests that, far from having a potentially negative impact on the reaction of the player, the very fact that they have to interact with the
game seems to keep them more firmly rooted in reality. People who do not
play games raise concerns about their engrossing nature, assuming that
players are also emotionally engrossed. This research suggests the opposite; a range of factors seems to make them less emotionally involving than film or television. The adversaries which players have to eliminate have no personality and so are not real and their destruction is therefore not real, regardless of how violent that destruction might be."

The report should be available on the BBFC web site shortly, but in the mean time you can download it from http://digiplay.info/node/2423.