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Well I’ve been fairly inactive for a while due to swampage at work but this seems like a good thing to throw my hat in for. I’d be on the same boat as Coog.

Whats the new CMS? Language? Domain name staying the same?

Primarily a Rails developer so not much help if we’re sticking with PHP but I’m pretty good at the CSS, HTML, Javascript side of things.

1. Graphics and Design
I can definitely pitch in some design topics but graphics would be a tricky one for me to do.

2. CSS and HTML
Oh yeah. I can help with this :)

3. Social Media Skins etc
I’m actually not sure what this means. A quick Google search for Social Media Skins doesn’t reveal much. If you mean like and share buttons etc then thats doable. Just depends on how complex you want to make it.

4. An App?
I know Android pretty well but I’m not sure an App would really give any value to the site. The site is mainly informative rather than function based (EG Hailo, Games, Skype) so it might be better to take a different approach.

If we’re talking redesign then from the ground up we should be thinking about responsiveness. This means
– It scales down well to mobile phones.
– Better managed CSS
– No need for an App while keeping the user experience solid.

Lastly. BIG +1 on the Github idea. GD could be a really cool project. Anyone could open pull requests for different features, patches etc.