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Hmm might as well introduce myself, names Kyle, age 18 and i’m from N.Ireland.

Program in VB, C++, Java been programming for last 3/4years. Only big thing i’ve done soo far is created a health and safety game that didn’t even get published, ah so much time wasted on that project. oh yea also learning Discreets 3ds max 7.0. I prefer the old arcade classic games, hence why i’m not too into graphics any more. “I prefer gameplay to graphics” hmm off on my next wee project.

*rants on some more* :arrow: Not to bore you folks too much here so i’ll keep it short heh. Decided to become an Indie Developer after a brief encounter of what it’s like to work with… well lets just say not too reliable people.

:roll: must stop typing now… argh…