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Jamie Mc

Dark, is there actually a complaint here?

As a member of GD.ie since its inception 4 years ago, I feel that I should be able to put in at least some kind of reply to this post if you are trying to give out.

From its origins four years ago, GameDevelopers.ie stood for one thing. To put in place a place on the internet where Irish people involved in development could come to get to know each other, ask questions and basically put in place the foundation for an Irish game development community to happen.

Considering what it was like before this website was around, where companies may have only been a mile away from each other yet did not even know that they existed, I believe that the website has achieved its goal.

Getting the games industry in Ireland off to any sort of start has been a slow and difficult process, but consider the successes this website has allowed to happen; to put into place an resource for those involved to be able to contact each other, for universities to at least get basic information they need to put in place an infrastructure of qualified graduates for the one time when the investment community meets individuals or teams who do the numbers right and get viable businesses up and running.

It has also put a direct communication channel between government agencies such as the IDA and Enterprise Ireland and individuals and companies who need their assistance most, as well as tailoring their resources to the irish development community.

Also, many members of this community have achieved jobs through this website, and I include myself in this. For those already working in the industry, it provides a forum for those who need to ask questions to do so, as well for those ex-pat developers (of which are are many) to keep track of what’s going on at home.

I am by no way saying that I have agreed with everything GD.ie has done over the years, and I am not a developer at all, but I do consider that this website has achieved more good than harm from its existence.

As a community which is fuelled by volunteers putting their unpaid (in 90% of cases) time into providing material, coding the website, organising events, and publicising in whatever way that there is a game development community in Ireland, each and every member should be proud of what we have achieved here.

DarkSaviour, this community is perfectly willing to change over time, it has been in constant evolution since there were 20 of us at the start which has grown into the hundreds. If you have something to offer to this forum, or constructive criticism instead of a long post which I can barely make sense out of, please put them in bullet points.