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*cue last minute UL vs Trinity panic*
I feel like the wrong choice will have we regretting it for life.[/quote:64c6cdc898]

I wouldn’t worry too much about your choice of university. Both TCD and UL are reputable universities and I’m sure you’ve researched the courses to make sure they’re both up to scratch. Either way you’re going to get a solid foundation.

The real work is getting the most out of your college life by putting in 100% effort and learning as much as you can. With so much social madness around campus, it’s so easy to start slacking off. I’ve learnt that the key is to keep your eye on the goal and always stay focused on where you want your degree to lead you. I’m about to enter my final year and have every intention of firing on all cylinders to come out with a good 2.1 so I can get a good graduate job.